Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Nuff, sed t he buffalo man

Today I am in a foul mood. In the national capital the sick are beginning to die one after the other. These are the poor who have no other means except going to a government hospital. The meritorious doctors are on strike so there is no one to attend to the dying. They want merit to win for the good of the nation. Otherwise how do we join the developed world in a nanoblink of the eye? Their great struggle for justice is beamed across the nation incessantly like some intellectual napalm that it scorches your mucus tissues first and then burns your skin rapidly. No, usually I don’t swear but am close to it right now. With a degree in one of those II* places you can pontificate for eternity to all the lowly around you about merit, the curious phenomenon of its sudden appearance in free India and its abundance among the upper castes of this country. It is a national shame really.

I am fed up and giving up on the educated elite. I thought a sense of fair play, a hint of decency and a shred of sympathy for a fellow citizen will be attributes you may exhibit as a result of a well rounded education you are gifted with- subsidised totally by the people of the country. A sense of gratitude perhaps for the others who take pride in these institutions even though none in their families have ever enjoyed the privileged life you have in one of the II*s. And these guys think they deserve them. It is a gift the nation gave you man, and you know the so called intellect is as abundant as oxygen in this planet among the animals that chose to walk on their hind legs. Merit! Gosh, is it like say, 'achtung'? These are a bunch of selfish, clannish and racist neuron assemblies. No hope. Welcome to naya bharat.


arulselvan said...

this blog entry is a repost of yesterday's. just saving the older comments here. -arul

மு. சுந்தரமூர்த்தி to me
More options May 17(1 day ago)

Did you forget to add this post in thamizmanam?

Where are those who advocate summary dismissal of striking government employees under ESMA? What else can be more essential than providing care to the dying?


thamizmanam sends back a "syntax error line 1 column 0" message. whatever that means.

summary dismissals are only for nonlife threatening jobs.
whose ife is threatened at the moment is also, as we understand, a nontrivial factor.


May 17 (12 hours ago)

அருள் பலரது மன உணர்வுகளை எழுதியிருக்கிறீர்கள். நன்றி.


இரா. செல்வராசு (R.Selvaraj) said...


இந்த உணர்வுகளுடன் ஒன்றுகிறேன்.

நியோ / neo said...

>> am fed up and giving up on the educated elite. I thought a sense of fair play, a hint of decency and a shred of sympathy for a fellow citizen will be attributes you may exhibit as a result of a well rounded education you are gifted with- subsidised totally by the people of the country. >>

I just came across your blog thru one of M.sundaramoorthy's post on this issue.

I completely understand the feelings exuded by this post.

The nauseating double standards shown by the "Meritorious" and "Professional" set of Doctors, II*** professors and Busi***ness executives of this country simply reinforces the emphasis Periyar gave to Social Justice and exposes the Great "Noble ones".

ரவி ஸ்ரீநிவாஸ் said...

In Tamil Nadu doctors had gone on strike couple of times to protect their interests.Once when govt. indicated that it was planning to
bring a law to regulate hospitals
there were protests from doctors.
When govt. was planning to permit more medical colledges doctors went of strike more than once,
i think twice to protest that
decision. In another occassion
when a patient died after undergoing family planning operation govt. indicated that
it might make doctors responsibile
for such death.they went on strike.
i write this based on my memory.
But I know that they had gone on
strike atleast once, in Tamil
Such strikes irrepective of purpose hurts the common man.
They should be resorted to as
the last resort.The educated elite would have behaved more responisibly had the govt. consulted the doctors, students and other stake holders in IITs,IIMs,AIIMs,etc before announcing this.
Did Arjun Singh discuss this issue
with the directors of these institutions or for that matter
with educationists and vice chancellors of central
universities.As you sow so you
reap.The blame lies at the door
of the govt. At times sentimentality without
understanding is a sign
of vulagarity (with due
apologies to D.H.Lawrence)

நியோ / neo said...

>> Did Arjun Singh discuss this issue
with the directors of these institutions or for that matter
with educationists and vice chancellors of central
universities. >>

yeah right!! The elite erudite 'educationaists' and scholars dont know dud about 'Parliament', 'amendments' and for that matter the 93rd amendment which is a commitment given to the nation to introduce reservations for the backward classes.

The indications of this was going right from last year - where were the 'elites' then? And the election commission clearly said that the Govt. "Cannot" Discuss this openly until May middle when the election processes to the 5 states were to be over.

The medicos started their arbitrary anarchic tantrums - knowing fully well that that the UPA govt. can't discuss it!

>> As you sow so you
reap. >>

These are pretty strong words, and i hope that Ravi remembers these hotheaded words well into the future!

And i sure hope that those arrogant upper cateists remember that they WOULD reap what they are sowing NOW.

arulselvan said...

At times sentimentality without
understanding is a sign
of vulagarity (with due
apologies to D.H.Lawrence)


death is neither vulgar nor sophisticated. it just happens and physicians are the last we expect to be the cause for it.
insensitivity will only breed itself. is the nation 'shocked' to see the medics being beaten up? what do you see around here ravi?


Doctor Bruno said...

//In Tamil Nadu doctors had gone on strike couple of times to protect their interests.//

Never. It was all Medical Students who went on Strike and NEVER DOCTORS. There are differences between the two

Medical Students went on Strike once was when a doctor was assaulted in ICH

And many times against PRIVATE MEDICAL COLLEGES to Uphold Merit

About the Family Planning Case. It was not a strike. It was protest working with Black Badges and NOT doing only the Family Planning Cases. It is common sense that Family Planning Operation is NOT a medical emergency (it may be a social emergency, but not medical emergency)

The truth about Merit in AIIMS
Please read an interesting article from Times of India

Striking AIIMS docs live in a glass house by Akshaya Mukul
[ Tuesday, May 23, 2006 01:55:32 amTIMES NEWS NETWORK ]

NEW DELHI: The main grouse of AIIMS students - at the forefront of the stir against 27% reservation for OBCs - is that merit is being sacrificed at the altar of votebank politics. But they forget two things: 25% reservation that AIIMS graduates get in PG admission and the Supreme Court judgment of 2001 that declares the earlier system of 33% reservation for them bad in law.

In fact, the SC, while stating that 33% institutional reservation is "unconstitutional", agreed with the findings of the Delhi High Court, which had earlier set aside the reservation.

The HC had found that "AIIMS students, who had secured as low as 14% or 19% or 22% in the (all-India) entrance examination got admission to PG courses while SC or ST candidates could not secure admission in their 15% or 7% quota in PG courses, in spite of having obtained marks far higher than the in-house candidates of the institute." HC had analysed admission data over five years.

The apex court also agreed with the HC that the "figure of 33% reservation for in-house candidates was statistically so arrived at as to secure 100% reservation for AIIMS students. There were about 40 AIIMS candidates. The PG seats being 120, 33% thereof worked out to be 40." That meant all 40 AIIMS graduates were assured of PG seats.

Merit here was clearly being sacrificed, the study showed. For instance, in the January 1996 session, an AIIMS student with 46.167% marks - lowest for an AIIMS student that year - got PG admission.

However, an SC student with the same grades was admitted but denied coveted course such as obstetrics and gynaecology. The SC student got shunted to community while AIIMS students easily won berths in prestigious disciplines.

Twelve AIIMS candidates were selected even though they got less marks than the SC candidate who secured 60.33% marks. Similarly, 16 AIIMS students got admission to PG courses even though they got less marks than another ST student who got 62.16%.

Doctor Bruno said...

The ugly side of few perverted minds in Delhi

For nearly two weeks few guys in the capital were shouting that Merit is going to be compromised due to reservations. All the while, there has been clearcut evidence as to show that Merit will be NO WAY affected due to reservations and that reservations are going to uplift the society as a whole.

Now the cat is out of the bag.

As per Rediff a guy called Armaan, a doctor leading the agitiations says

" We prefer reservation for people who deserve it. It's not that we don't have a conscience. We do care for the poor, those who really need help. We should have reservation on the basis of economy."

So, at last as we have been telling all these days, these depraved guys never bothered about Merit. Merit was just an excuse for Apartheid. I would like to know the reaction of all those who were crying in the name of Merit (including two self-centered caste-centered nepotistic chaps who resigned from the knowledge commission in the name of merit) as to the new shift in demand by the Doctors that they are ready for Quota based on Economy, but not for quota based on Caste.

For those who do not know the difference, let me explain

Now if seats are reserved on the basis of caste, let us assume that a Student from FC will get the seat if he scores 297 out of 300 where as a student from SC will get the seat even if he scores 291 out of 300 (these are the cut off values from MBBS Admission in Tamil Nadu in 2005)

So far the apartheid guys were shouting loud that merit will be affected. There were even remarks from few of those "intelligent" chaps that a guy who scored 292 (SC guy who has got seat) is less talented (or less meritorious – let me repeat the word play) than the forward caste guy who scored 296 (and there fore cannot get the seat as the OC cut off is 297)

But now they WANT QUOTA ON ECONOMY. So they have no problem when a poor guy with mark 292 gets the seat while a rich guy with mark 296 does not get the seat. And strangely, in this case, (according to these doctors and also a person called Narayana moorthy, for whom I had great regard, until he too advised economy based quota) the merit is not affected when quota is based on economy.

Now I am not able to understand this……

If the earlier claim that merit is going to be affected by reservation based on caste is true, then merit is going to be affected if the quota is based on economy or for that matter any other reason like the state of domicile (Delhi – 100 percent reservation for Delhi Undergraduates) , Religion (eg Andhra Pradesh) , college graduated (eg JIPMER)

So a person whose primary aim is preservation of merit should NOT ALLOW ANY QUOTA.

But See the Delhi Doctors.

They have gone on Mass CL today. They do not want a SC student getting 292 marks get MBBS. But they were silent when Private colleges were started that made any person, even those who passed 12th after 3 attempts get MBBS. What were they doing when the private colleges were opened? They did not even give a sign of protest. Do those AIIMS guys think that we all are fools to believe that they are crusading for merit at present? What were they doing for those sponsored seats and NRI quotas

They have no problem when some one gets MBBS from Private College even though he gets 50 marks in 12th. They never fought. It was Tamil Nadu students who had always fought against the private medical colleges

They have no problem of a student getting low marks in PG entrance in AIIMS, but getting MD Gen just because he studied MBBS there. At that juncture they never represented to PM or President

And as per the latest statement, they have no problem if a poor guy who gets 292 marks become a doctor while a rich guy who gets 296 has to watch

BUT THEY ARE WORRIED when a SC Guy (or a OBC Guy) who takes 292 marks get admission instead of a Forward Community guy who gets 296.

SO in effect, all these hullabaloo over the past two weeks were not against reservations. It is in fact against the students from the reserved community.

They were not fighting for merit as they were claiming (we already knew that merit is a mask) They fight to maintain apartheid

And see this report in Economic times by Urmi Goswamy from Delhi(as per that sums up the issue

PRIVATE schools and parents worried about their children studying along side children belonging to weaker sections can breathe easy. The government proposes to let them off the reservation hook. The model Right to Education Bill proposes that private schools that receive no funds from the government will not be required to take children from weaker sections. The Model Bill will form the basis of states' legislation to enable the fundamental right of education.

SO there are guys in Delhi who cannot breathe easy when a student from weaker society studies along with his children. Their main worry seems to be the community of the student who studies along with them and not the marks of the students who studies in the college. God Save India !!!

Doctor Bruno said...

Now, let us analyze the present scenario. The government proposes to give 27 % reservation to OBCs in Education and Jobs. While the topic of reservation is altogether a different story, let us examine the present action under the scanner.

1. Does the 27 % reservation is limited to Metros…. No
2. Is this reservation only for Medical colleges… No

This is a rule that is going to apply ALL OVER INDIA and across ALL PLATFORMS

What then is the funda behind medicos striking work.

In any civilized society, when there is a public problem and strike becomes inevitable, MEDICAL FRATERNITY will be the last section to join in the strike. Even when the Hospital joins, doctors will be the last among the hospital staff.

But in this case, we do not see any Engineering College, Arts college, IIT, IIM students striking. Instead Only Medicos are on Strike

What does this tell…… Who is actually instigating these guy…. Don’t these guys have any common sense….

By the way, In Tamil Nadu, Tirunelveli and THoothukudi Medical College students went on a demonstration (Not strike, they just had a demonstration without affecting patient care) FAVOURING reservation.

Medicos in Delhi are against reservation where as Medicos in Tamil Nadu favour reservation

What does this tell
1. Medicos in Delhi are from the Upper Caste
2. Medicos in Tamil Nadu are from all castes

How are the upper class students are able to capture ALL THE OPEN category seats in Delhi, where as Upper Caste Students are not able to get MORE Than 10 percent of open category seats in Tamil Nadu

It is because, in Delhi, ONLY THE UPPER CASTE has the opportunity to attend good schools and apply for such courses, where as in Tamil Nadu, even the backward class are able to score well

Backward class are able to score well because THEIR PARENTS WERE GIVEN FREE EDUCATION BY KAMARAJAR and the parents became clerks and teachers and their children engineers and doctors.

How to make sure that there will be doctors and engineers from backward classes which are equally if not more talented … Give them quota...

srinidhi said...

How to make sure that there will be doctors and engineers from backward classes which are equally if not more talented … Give them quota...

Bruno the liar is at it again.
You want quota in school,in MMBS
and in PG courses also.You do not
want to compete without quota.You
want seats in quota as well as in
open quota.You are worse than parasites,greedy, too selfish
and cant think beyond caste.
Dont OBC doctors run polyclinics and fleece people.Are they all doing free service.Visit any town
in TN and you will find families
of doctors,mostly OBC sucking
money in name of health care.
Did OBC doctors oppose private medical colleges. Where were all these doctors who fight for social justice today. What was Ramadoss or Veeramani doing then.Who runs these private medicals colleges, almost all of them are run by OBCs and minorities. Do you have
any answer to these questions.
Come on will you dare to give
up quota and compete without
quota.Without reservation you
cannot continue this domination
in medical field.

நியோ / neo said...


>> Come on will you dare to give
up quota and compete without

Well as if you guys decide it! huh! ;)

>> Without reservation you
cannot continue this domination
in medical field. >>

Oops! you may have to eat ur words!

Dr. Bruno gave this piece of info in one of my posts :

The Merit List for Admission to Medical Colleges in Tamil
Nadu gives and Interesting point

Read the full piece here at

Open Seats - 430

321 BC students,
57 MBC students
14 SC students will get into the open competition.
38 Forward Community

This literally means that students from BC and MBC score well in "Open Quota" - than the Forward Community Counterparts.

This also means that the students from the so called forward community are able to get LESS THAN 10 percent of seats available......

And this is a proof that Reservations WORK... (for all those who say that reservations are useless)


The above data shows that in tamilnadu the "FC" cat has been belled!

And Dr. Bruno's argument that this has been possible becoz of a few decades of persistent Postive Discrimination Policies - is sound and logical! :)

This kind of "Social Engineering" is a must for a new resurgent equitable India and that shall be surely the goal of the reservations in higher education in central institutes.

This is Nation-building and FCs who scream against this process - may in the future history books, down decades, be referred to as traitors.